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        Emergency & Repair

        Blocked Drains

        Pipe Relining



        At Sweeney’s, we have plumbers operating throughout the suburbs of Northern Sydney including North Shore, Seven Hills, Wahroonga, Pymble, Ryde and all other surrounding areas. We can solve all your plumbing needs, both domestically and commercially, no job is too big or too small and we love to get stuck in and get our hands dirty.

        Skilled and Professional Emergency Master Plumbers in The Hills District and North Shore

        All of our North Shore plumbers are experienced, fully qualified, insured, reliable and friendly. We also take great pride in offering a completely affordable solution and free estimates so you know exactly what is going on every step of the way. We also listen to our customers so we can find the best solution for your plumbing problems.

        Not every problem is the same. Therefore, it takes the experienced hands of a skilled plumber to fully identify faults and rectify problems in a safe and efficient manner as well as ensuring the issue is completely resolved. Knowing all of these facts can help you feel more confident in selecting our North Shore plumbers.

        A disaster can occur at any time and is the reason why we offer an emergency service for such cases that require immediate attention. We also provide an extensive range of services in and around Sydney:

        Emergency Plumbing
        Blocked Drains
        Water Leaks
        Gas Leaks
        Pipe Relining
        Residential and Commercial Services

        The Only Plumbing Solution in North Shore and Seven Hills

        We offer simple and effective solutions to any plumbing issue. So, when you are in need of a professional and reliable plumber, look no further than Sweeney’s. We are always on call waiting to tackle any complication that arises, while for more serious and urgent issues we offer same day emergency plumbing. Don’t fret over blockages, leaks or any other plumbing problem, call our master plumbers on 1800 219 682 today.

        Areas Serviced: Hills District, North Shore, Lower North Shore, Seven Hills, Turramurra, Pymble and Ryde etc.
        Hear From Our Happy Clients
        "you guys saved me bigtime! When the sinks in my restaurants kitchen began to leak I thought It'd be an absolute nightmare. You were there so quick and did such a great job! Can't thank you enough. Welcome in my restaurant any time!"

        Martin Lawley,Sydney
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        Why work with us?
        we guarantee our workmanship.

        call us now for all of your emergency needs and more on 1800 219 682

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